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I have a question on which types of licenses do i need to have my own business.Do I just need an occupational license for 25.00 dollars a year or do I need to be a certified taxidermist to be able to charge people legally.Thank you for any information that is given.

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More Information Needed

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Every State, County, Parish, Soil and Water Conservation District, City, Village, Etc., has regulations. At least give the State you are located in so that someone in that state can try to help you.

Best Bet

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Though many here try to be helpful, your best answer will be received from the only people who's answer counts. Those from the government offices where you will engage in taxidermy.

In my state you need a business license (tax license) and a DNR license, unless of course you only engage in whitetail taxidermy, then due to a legal loopwhole, you need not be licensed as a taxidermist, only as a business.

Let's not forget a federal license (for migratory birds).

Check with your own state dept of revenue and your dept of wildlife, after all they are the ones who will prosecute you, if you failed to follow their guidelines and license requirements.

Hey Bob

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Hi Bob,
I have found out that if you not have a taxidermy license here in Wisconsin and you are doing deerheads, then you can not have in your possession any green deer capes 30 days after the close of the deer hunting season.

Not sure where Lee is from,

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therefore I can't answer his question. But being in Wisconsin I do know our laws. In order to do taxidermy work for compensation you must have a taxidermist's permit and a state sellers permit. If doing migratory birds you also need the federal permit. Len, I'm not sure where you're getting the 30 day thing, but even within that time frame you would still need the required permits.


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You are right about needing a taxidermy license and a state seller's permit in Wisconsin to do taxidermy. The only problem is there is a loophole in the law regarding mounting whitetail deer. You do not need a taxidermy license to mount whitetail deer in Wisconsin, but you do need a seller's permit. It is a law that needs to be changed to help out all the taxidermists that are going through the proper channels. It is in the taxidermy laws printed by the DNR. If you would like to see the law the way it is printed, I will be at the Taxidermy Rendezvous in Prairie du Chien August 17-19th. Hope to see you there. Len ( or you can e-mail me )

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