Wing Bone Placement

Submitted by Joe on 7/20/01. ( )

I am apparently doing the birds wings wronge from what I have seen on other taxidermist's mounts. The wings in flying position, or the end of the longer feathers of the wing are tight against the birds body to me this looks awkward but maybe right. My birds long wing feathers don't come up tight to the body. What I am I doing wronge or is this OK. I leave the two bones intact on the wing. I then run the wire along the wing bones and tie them in, adding paper towels for muscle areas. When it comes to installing the wire Ilook at the carcass and position the spot accordingly. Then I hollow out the spot a bit to allow the ball of the bone to enter the form. Am I not holowing the spot out deep enough or should I patially remove some of the bone.Please give me some ideas what I am doing wrong or if this way I do it now is ok, having the long wing feathers away from the body.

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This response submitted by Tony Finazzo on 7/20/01. ( )

I think your problem is as a simple one. The angle the humerus bone (upper wing bone) leaves the body is very important. In most flight the humerous should go back app at a forty-five degree angle, as it leaves the body It gives the bird more power than if the wing were extended straight. When feathers are not where they are supposed to be many times the bones or structure underneath the skin is out of place. And if the two parts are not symetrical, one or the other is probably wrong. It's perfectly alright to use the heads of the wing bones. Just make sure they are set the proper depth. The feather group you are refering to is the tercials. They usually are farely close to the body in normal flight. This can change. from some types of movement, but not often and it will look better if they are close. to the body.

Don't use paper towel!

This response submitted by chris kunze on 7/20/01. ( )

Tony has it all said above, but another little trick is to add a little sculp all to the bones instead of the paper towel.
Good Luck, Chris

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