Bird Prep wheels

Submitted by Todd Huffman on 7/21/01. ( )

I currently have 5 bird prepping stations equipped with wire wheel boxes. New employees learn the technique on extra birds.
Lately it seems, that the younger crowd is having a tougher time with learning or that I am loosing patience easier.
I was wondering if there were any new devices or methods out there that a person could use to properly de-fat bird skins with? or am I just dreaming?

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This response submitted by Stefan Savides on 7/21/01. ( )

This will sound like a sales pitch (and it is) but I produce a fleshing wheel which spins 1/3 slower than all the rest of the wheels on the market.
My beginning students seem to have little trouble with it. It has other superior features as well. It's also the most expensive one on the market but you usually get what you pay for. It sells for $450. Taxidermy greats, Criss Krueger, Glen Browning, And Jim Pitts are some of the few that had to have one, once they gave it a try. If you like, please feel free to give me a call at 541 885 2912 for further details.

try two wheels

This response submitted by John Barber on 7/21/01. ( )

this is something I learned recently try putting two wheels on the defatter if there is room on the shaft this wheel help .
remember stephen is a better bet than me for answers but this might help with the machines you already have.

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