Where do you get formalin,

Submitted by bryan on 7/23/01. ( wildlifedesigns@hotmail.com )

Also do you mix it with something else, how does it run through a needle? this will be for bird feet.

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Use Preservz-It instead!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 7/23/01. ( rittel@ici.net )

Preservz-It is also an aldehyde - but not the carcingen that Formaldehyde and Formalin (37% solution) is. I highly recommend not using Formaldehyde, but using our Rittels Preservz-It instead! For some info on this product click onto: http://www.taxidermyweb.com and look under product reviews. Or go to our website at: Rittelsupplies.net

For bird feet injections you mix 10% Preservz-It to 90% Elmers White Glue or Glycerine. I like the White Glue mix.

Bruce Rittel
Rittels Tanning Supplies

How does it flow through a needle?

This response submitted by Bryan on 7/23/01. ( )

does preserve it act as a filler, what exactly does it do?

Preserves it.....

This response submitted by JL on 7/23/01. ( wmlures@xtdl.com )

Bryan...Preserves-it does just what it says, "it preserves" the tissue.It is used to replace formalin and fomaldehyde since both of these chemicals contain cancer causing agents called carcinogens.You can mix it with Elmer's Glue by adding 10% Preserves-it to the glue and inject the feet with it. I would use a # 18 needle to be sure it will pass through the needle and disperse through the tissue.Stick a pin in the hole when you pull the needle out to keep the solution in the feet. When the glue sets up it will plump up the feet.You will want to check them in a couple of days and re-inject them if they don't stay plumped up the way you want them.Good luck.....JL

Great stuff

This response submitted by Brent on 7/23/01. ( taxidermy@timbertiger.cc )


It is not really a filler that is why the elmers glue mixture is used the glue sort of acts as a filler. Preserve it alone is viscous and visually looks like formulin but not as nasty. We have been using preserve it as the mixture to inject birds and we have recently tried it on some fish. Worked great, it actually helped retain some of the natural colors of the fish skin. One slight draw back I had with one fish. I could not get back to the skin for awile so after soaking it I froze it. Later I thawed it out and it was just like a piece of rubber. It did stretch enough to get it on the form but it was not fun. BTW one of the fish I did was a crappie, along with a little TLC not a single scale was lost. A first for me.

Preserve IT is great stuff.

Good Luck

for fish

This response submitted by taxidermygirl on 7/25/01. ( )

Brent--did you use the Preserve-it as a tanning solution so to say. And it works well? but tell me about shrinkage after you use the preserve it on a fish? I am still pretty new to the fish.

need advice on a bird

This response submitted by jai on 8/11/01. ( )

a kingfisher hit my window and i would like to preserve the bird. i live in MI, can not find anyone to do this for me - anyone can help?

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