Need Help with Bird Tumbler

Submitted by M C on 7/24/01. ( )

I have a 50 gallon bird tumbler which I bought used, a while back and it looks to be identical to the ones Authentic sells. The motor is shot and needs to be replaced, it is a Dayton motor but the tag is gone and I don't know what the model number is so I can order a new one from Grainger. If anyone can help me out, I would appreciate it.

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Model #

This response submitted by Brad on 7/25/01. ( )

Mark, my tumbler sounds like the same as yours. It has a Dayton motor with model # 6Z818A. It's a 1/6 HP "Permanent Split Capacitor Gearmotor" (whatever that means). Hope this helps.

Thanks Brad

This response submitted by M C on 7/25/01. ( )

I'll check it out

Hi M C !

This response submitted by Lisa on 7/25/01. ( )

Glad to see ya hanging in there!

Don't look like the same one

This response submitted by MC on 7/25/01. ( )

I checked it out Brad but, it doesn't look like the same one. Looks like it would work, a little pricey though. If anyone else has one of these too, I would like to see what motor you hav also. This is a 50 gal. tumbler with the blue plastic drum.

Why do you need a tumbler?

This response submitted by Harry Whitehead on 8/2/01. ( )

I also had a blue tumbler, but all it did was hold my corncob grit. I never turned it on. My birds started coming out a lot smoother once I quit tumbling my birds. All I do is let them sit in the grit-o-cob and move them around a bit by hand and then blow dry them out. Try it out, you may do what I did with my tumbler. Sell It!

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