Cleaning Turkey Feet

Submitted by Carl on 7/24/01. ( )

I inject turkey feet first with Knobloch's bird feet injection fluid & then 2 or 3 times with fantastic cast. A lot of the liquid leaks out, causing a sticky gooey mess.I clean them by scraping with an old modeling tool & wipeing with lacquer thinner. I find this to be a very time consuming & unplesant job. Is there a better way? Thanks for your help.

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Tooth picks

This response submitted by MC on 7/24/01. ( )

Carl, first of all, it sounds like you're trying to put too much into those feet. Try using tooth picks, breaking off the sharp ends and stick them into the holes left by the syringe. Do the Knoblochs first, if that's what you like, but then let them set for a day or so to dry a little. Then use the fantasti-cast, but try to inject into the same holes as before and also stop them up with tooth picks again. You should have allot less to clean up.
Hope this helps.

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