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Has anybody tried Pour-A-Mold from Research Mannikins? I was thinking about getting some to make my own mannikins for small birds. Does this stuff work? Thanks for any input.

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By any other name.....

This response submitted by CUR on 8/12/01. ( WILDART@prodigy.net )

It would still be a two component co-polymer. It will work, but I don't recommend it for casting other urethane products into. You would be better off with an RTV rubber for your project. Yes it works, but there is a bindery problem with casting other co-polymers into it without heavy apps of lrelease agents, which are time consuming to remove from the casting. There are better products out there. I think you will hae moisture reaction problems with this product too. Better stick to a good tin-cured RTV....

Where to get RTV?

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Where can I get this stuff? What is it?

RTV rubber

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RTV is room temperature vulcanizing. It could be any rubber that cures with a catalyst without using heat. I know that silicone rubber can be tin-catalyzed. I have found with tin cured silicones some release of alcohol during cure. I use platinum-catalyzed silicone rubber for my molds. Platinum cured silicone can be heated to speed curing. plat-silicone do not produce alclhol like the tin-catalyzed which can inhibit urethane casting. Both silicone types are rtv rubber. Leave your e-mail and I'll send you more info


My email

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Is 'Latex Molding Rubber by Envirotex' and 'Latex Dressing & Mold Release' an example of what you're speaking of? Do I need both of these products? Thank you so much for your help! My email is robolson73@hotmail.com.

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