Alternative to wire wheel fleshing?

Submitted by DC on 12/19/01. ( )

As soon as my supplies get here i am going to start my first duck, in the break through book it says to flesh a duck you use scissors and a wire wheel. I don't have a wire wheel and i know i could make one, but how effective is using just a wire brush and scissors? I've heard using a wire wheel takes practice, and since this is my first bird i want to try and stay pretty basic. Does anybody have any tips for using a wire brush? or another method or tool? Thanks!

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Wire wheels

This response submitted by Frank E. Kotula on 12/19/01. ( )

Well this is the way we all started or most of us have. After you cut most of the fat off with the siccors you should rewet the skin by using water and spray it on. Rub borax into it and then using the wire brush start from the tail and work towards to the head. Just be careful so that you don't rip or tear the skin. If you do and you will just sew up the spot no big deal.

As for the motorized wheels gotta love them. They cut the time so much you will ever wonder on how you did birds before this LOL. You can use a drill placed in a vise and use a wire wheel bought from any hardware store. You want fine or extra-fine wheels. The next step before you use the wheel is to prep it up. This is done by taking a piece of wood and pressing into the wheel. This will shave down the wood but will soften up the wheel and get some of the loose wire out of the way. Now after you do this check the wires some may be sticking out farther than the rest. You need to cut these flat so you have no loose strands sticking out. Next take a file and repeat the step again. After this you can flesh you bird on it. Just watch out for flying fat and burn outs. Take your time and press gently into the wheel.

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