Turkey Roosts?

Submitted by Mike Myrick on 4/3/02. ( myrick@dashlink.com )

I have a couple of standing turkeys to do that are to be wall mounts. I have used cedar stumps before, but would like something different for the roost limb. Anyone know where I could get something like that?

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I Use Anthony Eddys

This response submitted by Dan Boring / Desert Wings Taxidermy on 4/3/02. ( dan.boring@yuma.army.mil )

Anthony Eddys carries a real oak limb that they sell for @ $ 20.00. They work great! Anthony Eddy's phone number is 800-529-3470.

get a chainsaw

This response submitted by Nancy M. on 4/3/02. ( )

Put the limb of your choice onto a finished panel. Put hanger on back. Problem solved. You can also attach some habitat against the panel if you wish, depending on how you arrange it.

Nancy M.

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