Air space in wings

Submitted by Ralph on 4/3/02. ( )

The last few birds I did flying have it seems like air space around the 2 main wing bone, the birds look fine but I am not sure if it is right, should I fill the wing with some caulking also or I am I doing somthing wrong.


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It's called drumming

This response submitted by Nancy M. on 4/3/02. ( )

On a regular commercial mount it is pretty common to find drumming. Of course it is better if you strive to eliminate it. You should be replacing the meat which you took out from between the radius and ulna before you anchor the wing to the form. Most people just lay some cotton in there and wrap it in place with thread. Be careful not to overdo it. You should also rebuild the muscles around the humerus. After that, a thin layer of caulk is useful in keeping everything in place and in holding the membrane that forms the leading edge of the wing together. Caulk by itself is not good for replacing the missing muscles. It stays wet too long if it is thick.
The caulking should be injected after the wing is anchored to the form. Reach in as far as you can and deposit enough caulk to do the job. Don't touch it at all until after the bird is sewed up and ready to pose. Then you can squish it around and position it however you wish. If you have a badly damaged wing with a lot of holes and you aren't sure about your repairs ... I would skip the caulk. A little bit of drumming is a lot less agravating than caulk in the wing coverts. (Been there, done that ...)

Nancy M.

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