removing epo grip

Submitted by keith on 4/4/02. ( )

Is there anybody out there who has tried to remove epo grip injectable off of bird feet? I have talked to Epo grip and they were not sure what I can use, and I wondering was if anyone has had any luck in removing this or productslike this.

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This response submitted by Cur on 4/4/02. ( )

The only universal epoxy solvent and remover that I know of that is safe to use and commercially available is "Attack" which is sold by Rio Grande Jewelry supply at, item number 206-051. Rio Grande also manufactures an epoxy remover for pearl settings called "Rio Pearl Remover". The Rio brand will remove epoxy from pearls and other organics without causing damage. I use Attack in the shop and it will not injure bird feet that are unpainted. It will remove any paint you have applied along with the epoxy. Around $6.00 for 1/2 pint. Both products contain methylene chloride. I have used this product for years with no "hack", "cough", "hack" side effects....LOL, joking......good luck.

Rio Grande also carries an abundance of wax working and sculpting tools and every foredom tool device and bit known to man. No taxidermist should be without a Rio Grande Tools and Equipment Catalog. 1-800-545-6566 for USA and 1-800-253-9738 for Canada users........And NO, I get nothing free from them for the plug...LOL. I make jewelry on the side and that is how I located the company.

Yes, Cur is correct!

This response submitted by Stdeve Steinbring/Epo-Grip on 4/4/02. ( )


I'm sorry that I didn't get to talk to you when you called! Yes, products that contain methylene chloride will strip epoxies, however most of these strippers are pretty harsh and dangerous. Sometimes the cure is worst than the problem. Give me a call personally at 800-888-2467, explain the problem, maybe there is a better solution.

Epoxy solvent

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Keith, Aves supply has a epoxy solvent that might remove the epogrip. I have tried it to remove epoxt sculpt and it works good. You might want to ask them before purchasing. Ask for Rollie. Their phone number is 715- 386-9097

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