anthony eddy

Submitted by steve on 4/4/02. ( )

does anyone know if anthony eddy has a web site or his phone number thanks steve

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here it is Steve

This response submitted by Steve on 4/4/02. ( )

e-mail BERETTA@MID-MO.NET PHONE1-800-529-3470 HOPE IT HELPS Steve from one Steve to other Steve Snelgrooes

we have a website plus one under construction

This response submitted by Joe Pycke on 4/4/02. ( )

I am employee of Anthony Eddy. We do have a pet website at and we will be offering a new website that will have all of our supplies so that you can order online. Our number is 1-800-529-3470. Please give us a call on all your supply needs or pet freeze drying.

INACTIVE e-mail address

This response submitted by Janiece Linneman, Webmaster on 09/04/2002. ( ) is no longer a working e-mail address for Anthony Eddy. Please direct all comments to Thank you.

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