pheasant vs. duck

Submitted by Becky P. on 4/5/02. ( )

Are there any major differences between mounting pheasants and ducks, besides the wattles? I've done several ducks, geese and turkeys but no pheasant. Do they need to be degreased? Or does it depend on the bird (these were wild, so may not be as fat as a pen-raised)? I looked in the archives, but could not find exactly what I was looking for-might have just missed it though. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Becky

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Not too different

This response submitted by Nancy M. on 4/5/02. ( )

If you have already done waterfowl then pheasants won't hold many surprises. I degreases almost everything, including pheasants, because they still have fat on them. On a wild ringneck the fat can vary a lot. Except for the wattles, they are easier than waterfowl. The skin is tougher than most. I use the wire wheel on them even though they may not totally need it because, well, the thing is already set up and it is kind of FUN to finish a bird in under 10 minutes. Also, I think it makes it easier to split the wattles if some of the membrane on the face is removed first.

Nancy M.

not much

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I've done alot of pheasants, but recently I picked up Don Holts video on flying pheasant from Van Dykees, very helpful. Run a string threw the nostril about 10 to 12 inches long Makes turning the head back threw a breeze.


This response submitted by Becky P. on 4/6/02. ( )

Thank you.

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