Freezer Burn

Submitted by Frank Brinson on 4/6/02. ( )

Is there any method to rehydrate a bird that is freezer burned? I have a male mallard from a customer and it is burned in several area, like neck, head, feet and wings. I have not tried to skin yet. Should I just discard it or is there a method?


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This response submitted by cur on 4/6/02. ( )

Just type "rehydrating" or "freezer burn" into the search and you will get a hundred bits of sound advice. There are methods galore. Some good, some bad, most excellent. Only the, "neck, head, feet and wings"? That is th whole shootin' match, son.

beginners forum

This response submitted by Grouseman on 4/6/02. ( )

go to the beginners forum and go to the "bird neck" message. I just said what to do there.

if its

This response submitted by Bryan on 4/6/02. ( )

If its badly freezer burned throw it away and get a new mallard, you will waste alot of time messing with it.


This response submitted by Frank E. Kotula on 4/7/02. ( )

Throw out the bird. I just did one that was burnt in a freezer for 5 years and it mounted up fine. Just look back in the beginners section I wrote on how to do it.

Freezer Burn

This response submitted by Wes on 4/8/02. ( )

I've mounted bird's as old as seven years. The method I use with freezer burned birds is , I inject the feet with warm soapy water and to the same with the tip's of the wings,If they are stiff. I usely Inject when I'm skining the bird out and If It needs to be done again...I repeat after I'm done washing the bird. I hope this help's ...It work's well for me.

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