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Submitted by Marc Springer on 4/7/02. ( )

I shot two very nice pheasant cocks last fall, I froze them whole and kept them until now. They are not burned and look as good as the day I bagged em. I want to have them mounted or one and the other skined to use in training my new pointer. What does it cost and who is the best around Seattle, WA. or Wenatchee, WA. Is this the best way to preserve birds?

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This response submitted by Cur on 4/7/02. ( )

I am not qualified to tell you who is the best in that area, but Nancy Mulligan is in the vicinity and she is very good.

My reason for posting is not about the mounting in any event. It would be pointless to skin and prep a bird with which to train your pup, unless you want it to point stuffed birds and locate taxidermy shops.

My advice is to remove the wings and tail from the bird of choice and use them for training purposes, keeping them in the freezer between sessions. I use whole frozen ducks to train my labs. The sessions don't last long enough to completely thaw the birds, and I keep the "scent" training bird through that phase of a pup's life.
Besides, pheasant skins are not resiliant and the pup will make short work of a feathered training dummy.

Pointing Taxidermy shops I like it

This response submitted by Springer on 4/7/02. ( )

I have used one of the frozen birds a few times to get his interest up and then I use a canvas dummy with sent and tail feathers, he is all over that dummy. Thanks for the tip and recomendation I will contact Nancey for my trophy bird.

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