Wire wheel

Submitted by Dan on 4/8/02. ( )

I'm going to use a wire wheel for the first time. I usually use a scapel and a small wire brush. When defatting do you go from tail to head or do you also follow the tracts from side to side. Thanks Dan

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wire wheel

This response submitted by Kyle on 4/8/02. ( tiff2210@hotmail.com )

when using a wire wheel you go from tail to head. But, don't press to hard or you'll end up with burns or even pull the feathers through. Good luck


This response submitted by Tony Finazzo on 4/9/02. ( finazducks@aol.com )

I go from the head back till I get to the legs. Than I go from the tail to the legs. The skin from the legs back is the most delicate, so I would recommend on your first few birds, at least, that you do the front part of the bird first. when working on the area from the legs back do not stop the skin . Keep it moving. and lightly

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