Turkey feathers splitting

Submitted by Bob on 4/8/02. ( )

I am having trouble with my turkey feathers splitting out and looking somewhat messed up. I am washing them and then tumbling them until dry. They still seem to be splitting no matter how gentle i am with the bird. Thanks for your help.

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Tumbling to long

This response submitted by Ron on 4/9/02. ( )

You are tumbling to long if you tumble until the bird is completely dry. After reading this on the forum here I started tumbling large birds less and blowdrying more and it has stopped split ends on feathers for me. I still tumble smaller birds longer but the larger birds beat themselves up if left in to long.

Make sure your tumbler is over half full

This response submitted by Don Sherpy on 4/9/02. ( )

I stopped having that problem when I filled my tumbler well over half full of grit. It provide more of a "rolling" effect. When you have less grit your bird will tend to fall and beat up the feathers, especially the primaries. Hope it helps!

One thing I forgot to mention

This response submitted by Don Sherpy on 4/9/02. ( )

I remove the tails on my turkeys and do not tumble them...

not drying enough

This response submitted by Brian on 4/14/02. ( )

I sometimes have this same problem and finally figured it out. After removing my bird from the tumbler I use 2 hair dryers and put it to the bird until all the down is fluffed and then dry the bird in the direction of the feather while grooming the feathers with my other hand ( I hold both dryers in one hand ). Has worked great.

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