freezing wood duck skin

Submitted by travis on 4/9/02. ( starsnead @ )

iam mounting first wood duck . i have skined and removed all meat and big pieces of fat washed it, wrapped and froze until i have time to wire wheel the rest of the fat is it ok to do this and if so is acouple times ok .

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This response submitted by Ron on 4/9/02. ( )

I skin and refreeze ducks at times without any problems if I run out of time to complete the job. I don't know about doing it several times on the same bird though.

Just a note.

This response submitted by Tony Finazzo on 4/9/02. ( )

This is common practice and should not be a problem. I recommend that you add a little anti bacterial, freeze in soapy water and defrost quickly under running water. Do not set it out to defrost over nite, if it is warm out.

I too

This response submitted by Pete on 4/10/02. ( )

Freeze and thaw and freeze.I do it in three settings,one to remove the body.The second is to remove the leftover meat and fat,at this time I scissor as much as I can.Third I wheel and wash then mount.I make sure I have enough time to wheel,wash,monut.When I remove from freezer I place in the bottom of frig until I get home from work to work on,this way if something comes up it doesn't spoil.Hope this helps,Good Luck Pete

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