Mandarin/federal transfer slip

Submitted by Ralph Hook on 4/10/02. ( )

Is a federal transfer slip required when selling mounted pen raised mandarins? I bought some from a breeder and was told I didnt need a federal slip because the manadrin isnt native to North America. Thanks for any info.

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He is right...

This response submitted by John on 4/10/02. ( )

You do not need any federal papers to buy and keep Mandarins. They are considered ornamental and not native to North America. The federal papers simply protect native waterfowl from being caught in the wild and sold or hunters selling their birds. Even European wigeon or Tufted ducks which are frequent vagrants do not need federal papers. You can ask the breeder who you bought them from the phone number of the nearest government office and they will supply a list of what is considered native.



This response submitted by Nancy M. on 4/10/02. ( )

Are you absolutely sure about the Euro. wigeons? How about Baikal teal? Euro. GW. Teal?
I'm asking because I was told otherwise, but I really hope that you're right.


This response submitted by Redphoenix23 on 4/11/02. ( )

Nancy, I am pretty sure that Baikal's do need papers as well as some other unusual residents, there was a list at a website somewhere that said, but i have since lost it. It should be in the book though somewhere...

harliduck is partially right

This response submitted by birdartist on 4/11/02. ( )

mandarins and tufted's do not require any papers but euro widgeon do!baikal's do not.have raised waterfowl many years in captivity.i think where all this keeps coming up,is EBAY is requiring people to have paperwork on the birds on auction.might be blaming the wrong people but this is what i've seen.people not posting paperwork with woodies and such, but have papers on mandarins.oh yeah,mallards are another one the the USFWS dont keep up with.all birds have to be properly marked(i.e.toeclipped right hind toe,pinioned or closed banded)by six weeks of age,to show they were captive raised.all the papers in the world wont cut it if they are not marked.seen this alot on EBAY where people are showing papers and saying they are penraised but they are full winged and have not been more thing and i'll shut up,is that if you buy birds that are closed banded, the band MUST stay on the bird for it to be legal.hope this helps


This response submitted by John on 4/11/02. ( )

I know for a fact that Europeans require no federal paperwork, I am currently raising them!When I bought my first pair, the breeder actually sent me a hybrid drake between American and Euro. I called my local government office to see if I needed it for that(since the breeder for some reason thought it was just a Euro and sent no paperwork, but that is another story!)and I didn't even need one for that. I didn't feel real good about it(it took forever to get an answer out of those guys!) even after being told that so he is a beautiful addition to my taxidermy collection. As far as European GW, I have no idea. I have never come across them, they are very hard to find in North America. Those who have them rarely sell. Birdartist is right on the Baikals though, they do not.


If you don't know the regs........

This response submitted by Liz on 4/11/02. ( )

Don't answer the questions.

The answer is.....if it's listed in the 50 CFR Part 10, which EVERY taxidermist and waterfowl breeder SHOULD HAVE.....then you need paperwork, and it is federally protected!

The European/Eurasian wigeon (anas penelope) is listed.
The baikal teal (anas formosa) is listed.
The tufted duck (aythya fuligula) is listed.
The mandarin is not.

Therefore , you need paperwork. And yes, you must have properly marked them as captive bred as well.

You can go to the links and get the regs, or call the Feds and get a list, or look on their website.

And hello....the feds don't keep up with it? Does that mean the regulations on mallards don't apply?

In general, this law applies to birds that are native to the US, but remember, they are listed because of several different treaties with OTHER countries to protect migrating just cuz you don't see them swimming around in your back yard, doesn't mean they aren't covered. LOOK IT UP!


Sorry for the nasty tone.....

This response submitted by Liz on 4/11/02. ( )

I haven't been propery coffee-ed up yet! Just one of those days!

Verrrrrry interesting

This response submitted by Nancy M. on 4/11/02. ( )

It took forever, but I finally managed to get the list of protected birds to show up on my monitor.
As for European GW teal, yes, they are listed. All the GW teal are lumped together and listed as a group.
European wigeon are listed. Chiloe wigeon are not.
Here are some I didn't expect to see listed, but they ARE:
Falcated teal/ducks
West Indian Whistling duck
Garganey teal
Spot-billed duck
White-cheeked pintail
Common (European) pochard
Baer's pochard
Bean goose
Tufted duck
Whooper swan
And, as previously mentioned, Baikal teal, and a couple of island species - Hawaiian duck and Laysan duck.

Thanks for the heads-up, Liz. BTW, I didn't think there was anything wrong with your tone. (LOL! Have you SEEN what goes on on the forums! You were downright NICE!) I used to have a copy of the papers you refer to, and I agree that they are essential. I just hadn't gotten around to replacing them after a shop fire. 'Thought I had memorized the parts that apply to me. HA! My list was old though. Maybe they slipped some in when I wasn't looking.

Nancy M.


This response submitted by Ralph Hook on 4/11/02. ( )

Id like to thank everyone for the info. Now I know mandarins dont require paperwork. Thanks

cross breeds

This response submitted by Charlie Walker on 4/12/02. ( )

Here's another tid bit guy's .If you have a cross breed of any listed migratory bird you need to have paperwork if it's also pen raised .I happen to just find this out after talking to fish & wild service office in Minnesota. I got a pair of woodytail's(wood duck & n. pintail cross) I also have european & american widgeon's and they needed paperwork.Just food for thought guy's.Charlie W.

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