white turkey help

Submitted by first timer on 4/11/02. ( )

got a white turkey to mount and was wondering how to make him white again with all the blood and dirt. What is the best way to wash and clean? Thank you in advance, and God bless

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WAsh the bird well

This response submitted by John C on 4/11/02. ( )

Use a little CLR from walmart or IRONOUT will also work well.

My condolences.

This response submitted by Nancy M. on 4/11/02. ( )

That is something that I would rather not tackle, so I have priced them high enough to scare them away. As for blood and etc, just wash as you would a regular bird. At least you can see what you are doing on a white one.
Now the head should be fun. The hairs are white also, so mascara to hide the overspray is OUT. This is the only situation where I would suggest using a plastic head. Paint it, and then glue on as many hairs and small feathers as you have patience for.
Good luck!

Nancy M.

Two bits worth

This response submitted by Cur on 4/11/02. ( wildart@prodigy.net )

Try one of the enzyme attackers used on washday and you can also spot clean with one of the Oxalic acid based clensers as long as you follow application with a baking soda rinse to stop any action. Read the ingredient labels on any cleaner you might try. Some contain hydrochloric acid and will attack the feathers or discolor them eventually.

As far as the head goes.......try this:
Use a freeze-dry head. Do not paint with acrylic crap, but paint with alkyd colors from Windsor Newton. You only need to purchase London yellow, cadmium red light, alizarin crimson, Titanium white and colbalt blue to make all the colors needed for the job. In fact, one of the little student starter sets should last you a couple of years in this business. Mix the alkyd with rectified mineral spirits to thin and stain the freeze dry head with the thin paints, rather than slapping them on as if it were a sign job. The skin will take the pigment well and after painting, you can remove the alkyd pigment residue from the stubble with a clean cotton rag dipped in the mineral spirits. Seal with a flat or matte overcoat.

Good luck....

Try this

This response submitted by Grouseman on 4/11/02. ( jabratt@citlink.net )

I have been playing around with Oxi Clean lately, and have found it to be VERY good at removing these stains from white birds. I wash them with dawn and rub the Oxi Clean with it as I wash it. I have done 3 ptarmigan and a totally blood soaked buffle head and laa came out beautiful! Let the skin soak in the dawn/oxi clean mixture for 15-20 minutes amd watch the suds form. This stuff is amazing! It is available at Walmart. If you have any blood seapage areas you can hit them with a little drug store peroxide.
All ia all once you have a good trick or two for these white critters they are no longer a nightmare! But they are alot of fun....LOL.

Hope this helps

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