painting a mallard

Submitted by harvy on 4/11/02. ( )

I have been trying to paint a mallard duck feet and bill I am useing lifetone paints but I just cant get the (real look )I am looking for.I have try differnt ways but just not are there any personal faverit painting schedule one would sare. thanks harvy.

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Drakes and hens.

This response submitted by John C on 4/11/02. ( )

The drake, paint them a mallard orange with Lacquers, then water down some water based gill red and do a wash allowing the red to get into the groove between the scales, clean the toe nails with thinner. The hens need a white out coat, then lightly paint with mallard orange lacquer, now using waterbase either yellow ochre or a brighter yellow, water it down and do the wash. when dry clean the nails. For the bill I use yellow ochre mostly but I do see some green bills on winter birds everyday while hunting. to get this green, white out the bill and use WA 61 from WASCO, dilute the WA 61 with clear about 30% paint to 70% clear, and work tinting to your liking.

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