Looking for pelts

Submitted by Marge on 4/13/02. ( theplace@AncientOnes.com )

I'm looking for a supplier of reasonably priced pelts; Chinese Golden, Ringneck, Lady Amherst and Reeves.

We use them to adorn our 'ANCIENT ONES' spirit dolls which can be seen at http://AncientOnes.com

Our current supplier recently closed shop and we are looking for a new one. Thanks!

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This response submitted by Jamie Staples on 11/25/2002. ( jamiestaples1@yahoo.com )

My father has most of those types of pheasants your looking for. He also has Red Golden, Yellow Golden, Reeves, Jumbo Ringneck, Blue Eared, Lady Amherst, and Silvers. He is very interseted in selling pelts because one of his friends told him the pelts are worth a lot. You should give me an idea what you pay and what exactly your looking for and I'll get back to you.

I'm selling pelts

This response submitted by Cary Copeland on 01/14/2003. ( CLCWildArt@aol.com )

I've got about 300 raccoon,300 bore mink,200 female mink,100 beaver pelts for sale. If interested e-mail me.

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