Bird wings

Submitted by Darcie MacEwen on 4/13/02. ( )

I am not a taxidermist nor do I know any of the terms used in this profession. That said, I would like to know how to keep a bird's wing in an outstreched position. This is the wing alone, unattached to the rest of the body. Also how do I clean & preserve it, keep it safe from insects ect? Any help would be much appreciated.

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easy answer

This response submitted by Brian on 4/14/02. ( )

take it to a taxidermist.

Are They Legal Birds?

This response submitted by Old Fart on 4/14/02. ( )

Since you are not a taxidermist, that is the first question that has to be answered. The meat will have to be removed and a preservative(borax) added. There is a lot of information on this here, just try SEARCH.

wing it

This response submitted by Nancy M. on 4/14/02. ( )

You can pin it out on a piece of corrugated cardboard and just let it dry if you remove as much meat as you can and rub 20 Mule Team borax on all exposed surfaces. If it is about the size of a pigeon's wing or smaller it will dry with very little odor but it will not be bug proof, and should be stored with moth balls.
Unless it is from a domestic bird, or a house sparrow, pigeon, or starling, it is illegal to keep it. Game birds and waterfowl wings are OK to keep if you have a hunting license and they were legally taken.

Nancy M.


This response submitted by Darcie MacEwen on 4/14/02. ( )

The birds whose wings I am using are robins, sparrows, wrens and the like. They are usually birds my cat has brought to me(only fresh kills of course). I'm looking for suggestions that don't require alot of money.

whoa slow down there man

This response submitted by possumking on 4/14/02. ( )

Better check your laws most here robins and wrens are illegal to have but sparrows are ok. Better do some checking before you have to write your state a check.

English Sparrows Only

This response submitted by Old Fart on 4/14/02. ( )

The english sparrow is an import like the starling and they are unprotected. Everything else you mentioned is prohibited by the Feds. Sorry, your cat is going up the river for a long time.

inject them

This response submitted by steve in geneva on 4/19/02. ( )

darcie, your question brings back fond memories of my youth. i had a great collection of various beautiful bird wings, of which i was very proud! i had them pinned to the back of my bedroom door. wow! i expect i may have been the only guy in my school with that biology hands-on experience. yet, the guys above are right, there are more laws now and more "sensitive" people to worry about, but if you insist on collecting, you can use any of the injectable solutions that are available on this site. WASCO

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