Submitted by Billy on 4/14/02. ( Bleachwolf@aol.com )

Ikilled my first turkey yesterday and i believe i am going to try mounting it i have mounted ducks and geese before, how much different is a turkey and what might i need to look out for? i skined him out yesterday down the breast with about a ten inch incession. i was also wondering if anybody from North Carolina might be able to recommend a good freeze drier i beleive i want his head frezze dried i heard they look better that way. thanks for your time billy

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Just like a big goose

This response submitted by Andy Bullock on 4/15/02. ( tinksnumber69@yahoo.com )

Mounting a turkey is just like mounting a big goose. I am only 22 but I have monuted plenty of turkeys and they are not as hard as you might think. One advantage is that they tend to have tougher skin than waterfowl. I like this because you can clean the bird quicker and it is easier. Just be sure to get the wings good and clean and also do not forget to remove the tendons in the bottom of the turkeys feet. I found out the hard way, it is hell getting a wire up through those tendons. Other than that I basically treat it the same way as a duck or goose. I would use an artifical head in my "opinion." They last forever and you can have fun learning to paint them too. If you decide on a freeze dried head be sure to shop around and ask plenty of folks before you decide on one person, you want the best work out there. Good luck and congratulations on your first turkey.

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