Submitted by YoungHunter on 4/14/02. ( awl9999@ksu.edu )

Hello All,

How do you tan a bird skin. What chemicals are used.


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Alex Lovely

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dry preservative

This response submitted by Todd B on 4/14/02. ( tddbuch@aol.com )

Hi there Young hunter,
Most taxidermist do not tan birds. A dry preservative is the most used method. The main thing is to skin and thoroughly flesh it. Wash the skin and degrease it and rub a dry preservative on the skin side before putting it on the form.

Todd B


This response submitted by Kiwi on 4/15/02. ( )

Alex do what Todd said and rub Borax in to the skin after you have removed all the fat and flesh from the skin then tack it out on a pice off wood to dry

hope this helps

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