how much do you charge for turkey rug

Submitted by steve in geneva on 4/16/02. ( )

i checked the archives. no reference to pricing a trukey rug. what do you think? most of the work is in the fleshing/degreasing. i probably undercharge for a flying turkey @ 295.00, but at this rate what do you think i should get for the rug with a backing of say felt?
i'm thinking 175.00.

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$250.00 and up

This response submitted by b bishop on 4/16/02. ( )

Thats what I charge.

are you the cheapest

This response submitted by mark on 4/16/02. ( )

steve are you the cheapest in your area. hope not i would be ashamed of being known as the cheapest guy around. call around your area and do a price check this is what the local stores do. if you are and your work is good go up. the cost of living has a lot do do with what you charge.

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