Determining size of form for turkey

Submitted by Don on 4/17/02. ( )

How do you determine the correct size form to use when all you have is the skin? No carcass to measure.

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Buy a couple sizes and check

This response submitted by CHUCK on 4/18/02. ( )

I took Cally Morris' turkey seminar and thats exactly what he said to do. A 20 lb bird may take a smaller or bigger body depending on its proportions .Kind of like a short fat person who weighs 200 lbs or a tall skinny person who weighs the same.Foam bodies are relatively cheap and if you order two bodies of differing sizes you'll not be too far off to make the other one fit something .You can always add to or cut out if you get down to using that last body.He said that the form fits the body best when you pull the beard area away from the end and have 6 inches between the skin and the breast area on the form. 3 inches of side to side room.This way you can pin the skin without being too tight.

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