redwing black bird

Submitted by John on 4/18/02. ( )

what is the law about a redwing blackbird. Can I mount one , or is it a nono

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It Depends....

This response submitted by Greg on 4/18/02. ( )

If you have the proper paperwork...They are a protected songbird..........

Depends on more than that

This response submitted by George on 4/19/02. ( )

We've fought this one out here before. In SOME FEW STATES, blackbirds are considered vermin like English sparrows, grackles, and starlings and can be shot year round. The best advice, however, is the FEW STATES that do allow it aren't enough to end the hassle of having one without proper paperwork as Greg suggested. Find another specimen, you'll sleep easier.

I agree with George

This response submitted by Bill K. on 4/19/02. ( )

To the best of my recollection I believe that New York said is was considered a nuisance species between two certain dates and was therefor legal to kill but not necessarily legal to posses. On the other hand the Feds consider it a migratory bird and take jurisdiction over it's (and your) life. Either way it sounds like a risk that I wouldn't take. Use a starling and paint some red on its wings. Good luck my friend.


This response submitted by John on 4/19/02. ( )

Thanks for the info I live in MIss. but I am move to La. so I better wait on the redwing.Thanks again

Legal Redwinged Blackbirds

This response submitted by Wingnut on 4/20/02. ( )

If you live in Louisiana, it is legal to possess and own a redwing black bird mount,,it is not, however, legal to SELL one, you can legally shoot them within the state, and possess them, but, DO NOT SELL one, ever,,,that, like a crow, would complicate your life tremendously! Read your Louisiana gamelaw booklet, and you'll see that you can collect, hunt, shoot most specie of blackbird, within the state,,,George was right, however, don't complicate your life with errors in judgement,,


This response submitted by aly on 10/15/2002. ( )

can you give me some information on a redwinhged blackbird PLEASE!

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