Beginners First Bird Mount- A Pheasant

Submitted by Ron on 4/19/02. ( )

I will be doing my first bird a farm raised pheasant. Im looking for anything from tips and tricks and anything that will keep me out of trouble for my first bird. Got some excellent tips from the archives but looking for more as in first mount a flying or standing mount? tail off or on for skinning?
etc. any help appreciated. please post or email.


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This response submitted by George on 4/19/02. ( )

YOu've made a wise choice in your first bird and it's pretty straight forward to work with. I personally like the flying pose so that the back colors can be exposed to the maximum. I always remove the tail first so that I can clean it, pose it, tape it like I want it and bondo the feathers in place. Mount the bird and then install the tail last is how I do them. Good luck.

You Go George

This response submitted by Tony Finazzo on 4/20/02. ( )

Great advise I would only add. Have a reference picture exactly like you want your finished bird to look and don't deviate if you can help it. Try to get everything exactly like the reference.

Here's my three cents

This response submitted by Bill K. on 4/22/02. ( )

Yes, do what George said but don't fan out the feathers to much or it will look unnatural. Use a hanger system that will allow you to keep the bird away from the wall so you can tilt it to a 45 degree angle or so. Try to stay away from that belly stuck to the wall look. You know, the ones that look like they peeled it of your windshield and glued it to the wall. Make sure you split the waddles ALL THE WAY or they will curl when they dry and greatly contribute to that road kill look. Spend lots of time preening, that will make or break your mount. And last but not least, don't put it facing backwards near a forced air heater. It wasn't running when I left, never crossed my mind, an hour and a half of preening down the drain, I hate it when that happens!
Good luck, Bill


This response submitted by Ron on 4/25/02. ( )

thanks for the tips!


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