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Have been doing taxidermy on and off for a while now, but the one thing that still gives me trouble is injecting bird feet! I have problems with everything from getting them to "plump up" properly, to finding the right veins to inject.(I usually end up with more injection fluid on the bird than in the feet!) The shop I work at uses fantastic Cast injection grade. Is there a better product? My shop is thinking about going to artificial feet, but I'm sure that won't be anytime soon! Any pointers would be appreciated!

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Master Blend

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Try using Master Blend, it's a two part product that you mix 50/50 with. The only down fall about it you have to work fast before it sets up. Use a small syringe and then have a pin handy and put the pin in the hole right after you remove the needle on the syringe. then work the blend in the foot with your fingers to get it perfectly distributed. I think you'll be happy with the results. You can get the stuff at almost any taxidermy disributor. I think one of the reasons your getting alot to leak out is that your not releasing the pressure on the syringe when you pull the needle out of the foot. Try backing off on the pressure before you pull the syringe out of the foot. Good Luck Rick! John


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i use masters blend too. the working time wont bother you after you do a few sets. it works out great. no carding the webs. i also cut mine off and inject them separately from the bird and let them set up before mounting. this way you can paint them ahead of time and not have any finish work after it is dry.

just make sure you dont work with batches that are too big. when starting out you should probably work with 1cc of each part.... 2cc total..... at one time. then suck up a little laquer thinner to clean the needle. and repeat the whole process in each toe and the upper part of the leg.

as any leaks out...wipe it down with a paper towel and some laquer thinner. or, don schafer, the creator of masters blend, suggests you could have a can of laquer thinner handy and inject your feet and then just drop them into the can. havent tried that but it would probably work.

good luck!

preserve it

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i use preserve itand glycerine mix it 50\50 the glycerine gives it the plumpness you are lookin for..shoot it somewhere near the nail off to one side

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