Bugs in turkey

Submitted by Paul on 4/20/02. ( )

A customer dropped off a turkey to be mounted and while checking it over a lot of tiny yellowish green bugs were crawling all over the feathers. He just harvested it three hours pryor. The bugs were jumping or flying all over and they bite. I baged and placed it in the freezer, didnt have time to work on it, or wanted to. I only do a few turkeys a year, just curious as to what they are. Since I usually cape them out first than freeze, is there any problems with thawing, caping than refreezing until I get form and head back from freezedryier, Thanks...Paul

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This response submitted by Cur on 4/20/02. ( wildart@prodigy.net )

Place turkey in a lawn bag that has been liberally sprayed with Raid of another bug eradicator for an hour, or spray the bird down. The mites are fowl specific and will not infect you, or other mammals, but they are nasty! Freezing should kill them, but the bird can be skinned and washed if you aren't skittish about the critters. I have always said that the hardest part of turkey hunting is carrying the dead bird out.......lol....

turkey mites

This response submitted by Joyce on 12/31/2002. ( jmcoomer@duo-county.com )

Surprise! Turkey mites will infect humans and are annoyingly difficult to get rid of. Mostly, just wait them out. Don't scratch or you'll spread the eggs or baby mites further across your skin. My husband and a few other men in this area who hunt a lot have had them and it takes three to four months to get rid of an infestation. An antibiotic will keep you from getting any skin infection but a stout alcohol applied twice a day and making sure you don't wear any clothing twice without a thorough laundering, nor hanging up bath towels to dry and reusing them helps immensely. Someone said there is a shot the doctors can give to get rid of the mites in a couple of days but so far we haven't found a doctor who knows what it is.


This response submitted by brenda marcum on 02/10/2003. ( bren9002@aol.com )

please help my husband has turkey mites any idesa how to get rid of them?

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