Does anyone know breeders of Ocellated Turkeys?

Submitted by Wingnut on 4/20/02. ( )

Does anyone know of any person, park, zoo, zoological center, etc. that raises and has in captivity Ocellated turkeys? I would appreciate names and phone numbers or email for the facilities that have them, thanks so much, David

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The National Zoo

This response submitted by cur on 4/20/02. ( )

Had some captive individuals and succeeded in hatching and raising a few poults. The bird doesn't do well in captivity. The last SPPA report I have is from 1998 and there were no breeders listed at that time. The San Antonio Zoo had a few individuals at one time, but not having been there in four years, I couldn't vouch for current status of this species in their collection. Nancy Mulligan may still be connected to the SPPA folks and have a more current report.


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I just found out that when I reply to a posting using the link provided by these forums that it lists my return address as some MSN account that I don't even know how to get into. (I have tried!)
Needless to say, I won't get any messages that are sent to me there.
I wonder how many people I have unknowingly ignored ..... ?

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