Treating Turkey Beards

Submitted by Kris Dunckel on 4/22/02. ( )

To those of you who handle a lot of Turkeys, how do you, if you do, treat the beard prior to attaching it to panels. It is difficult to to remove the fat remaining where the beard is removed. It does not seem feasible to cut the beard below that point because then your just going to have a bunch of loose "beard hair" and the beard would be shortened. I have simply tried to rub as much borax as possible into the fatty area and then totally encased the fatty area in epoxy when attaching to the panel. Is that adequate.

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That's about it

This response submitted by Evelyn on 4/22/02. ( )

not much else you can do to it. Sounds like to doing it right.

Dip it in hot water

This response submitted by Don Sherpy on 4/22/02. ( )

I normally remove the beard with a about a 2 inch sqaure piece of skin attached. Take a jar, or coffee cup if your wife wont catch ya, and fill it with hot water. Dip the skin end of the beard in it and wait a few minutes. Take it out and peal the skin off the beard. It will come off just like the feathers of a duck, goose, chicken, and yes, the turkey, when you scald them before plucking. You will have a nice clean beard with no fat or tissue. Rub a little borax, DP or salt and let it dry.
For diplay, I cut the plastic off of the shell, punch the SPENT primmer out and hot glue the beard into it. I add a brass eye or a loop of leather lacing before I add the beard. That will give you a way to hang the beard from another brass hook or rusty nail...Good luck!

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