Wet look bird eyes

Submitted by Sean S on 4/23/02. ( )

I have been through the archives, but all references I find are for mammals. Can I use envirotex or another product to give my bird eyes that wet-alive appearance? If so what is/are the methods?


Sean S.

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Liquid crystal

This response submitted by Nancy M. on 4/23/02. ( )

That is what I use, applied with a VERY tiny brush. (Don't let it get on the feathers!) WASCO has it.


This response submitted by cur on 4/23/02. ( wildart@prodigy.net )

Yes you can. The biggest reason that the slick finish of glass eyes does not look "wet" is that the actual surface of a natural (real) eye is not nearly as slick as is the ersatz imitations used by taxidermists. The thin fluid covering of the eyeball is nature's way of providing protection against bacteria, fungual forms and dust and other particulate matter. It also lubricates the eye as it rotates in the socket, or the lids or nictating membranes move over the surface.

Some fish and most reptiles have added an additional scale covering to seal in fluids and provide protection to the eye itself.

To replicate this shiny, yet transitory "wet" look I have used a variety of materials over the years. I do not like environtex because of it's slow curing time - expecially in very thin applications. To that end, I have used various clear gloss lacquers, fingernail polish top coats, and certain brands of 5 minute epoxy that cure with a gloss surface. After all environtex is just a two component epoxy compound. Clear Liquatex "High Gloss Varnish" is about as friendly a gloss finish available today.

I like to place the head in such a position that it is parallel to the surface plane and place a drop of material on the center of the eye with a toothpick and direct the flow towards the edges. I find that painting on with a brush is not as simple - especially with small mammals or birds.


This response submitted by Sean S on 4/23/02. ( )

Thank you much for the quick-thorough lessons!

Sean S.

wet look

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I use clear fingernail polish (hardener).

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