Tagging Birds

Submitted by Pete on 4/23/02. ( )

I know you must have your Migratory Birds properly Tagged when mounting,can you have a number coresponding to paperwork instead of that large tag?Thanks, Pete

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This response submitted by Nancy M. on 4/23/02. ( )

Migratory birds have to have the whole mess attached to them. In our state (WA) upland birds are OK with just a name and a number, but even that probably varies from state to state.
I just tag all birds the same way and don't worry about it.

Nancy M.


This response submitted by Bonnie Z on 4/23/02. ( )

For Migratory tags, SIGNATURE of the client is required and License number. I agree with Nancy much easier to do ALL birds this way; then you won't have to worry about forgetting or making a mistake.

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