Tagging Waterfowl

Submitted by Bill on 4/23/02. ( )

If you Have you waterfowl skinned and fleshed do you still have to have them tagged. Concidering the meat is gone, there just a skinn not a bird anymore. And for your own birds do they have to be tagged also.


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Tag All of Them

This response submitted by Jason on 4/23/02. ( jbranch_04@yahoo.com )

It's all in the regs that the Feds mailed with the application for your permit. IT IS MY UNDERSTANDING that another person's bird is to be tagged until it it delivered (except during the mounting process such as washing). All birds in my freezer are tagged, even the ones that are skinned. To answer your other question, I tag all of my birds just as I would someone elses. That way there is no confusion during spot checks. I would rather be safe and over document, than be sorry and get in trouble. I hope this has answered your questions, but I suggest you review the regs.


This response submitted by Rich on 4/24/02. ( finfeathr@aol.com )

you must tag your own birds too, otherwise you could run into a possession limit problem

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