Mold Me Baby

Submitted by Thomas Mathis on 4/25/02. ( )

Im tired of buying foam bodies for waterfowl and would like to know if anyone knows a good way to make a mold by using the foam bodies I have purchased. Also, will the squirt foam work well inside a mold? And NO I do not want to wrap my own bodies! If you can answer this question than maybe you could also tell how to mold and make the plastic heads also.

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This response submitted by steve on 4/25/02. ( )

ask [a supply company] it cost him hundreds of thousands of dollars to do the same. They are copy righted.... if you do, don't get caught

Can you spell copy right infringement?

This response submitted by anon on 4/25/02. ( )

You can't do that. Just make a mold of your own bird carcasses.

use bondo.

This response submitted by taxidermist on 4/25/02. ( )

works great, make sure that use a reales agent,

Just Started doing birds?

This response submitted by Dave B. on 4/25/02. ( )

In your previous Post you stated that you just started doing birds this year.And you're aready "Tired" of purchasing bird bodies?
Hmmmmmmm........Maybe go into Cross Stitching instead.You can purchase thread in bulk that'll last ya years!

Good luck,


This response submitted by George on 4/25/02. ( )

I'm SHOCKED! I thought maybe I'd written that instead of you. LMAO.

You ARE kidding, right?

This response submitted by Nancy M. on 4/25/02. ( )

If the cost of buying copyrighted forms is too high, maybe you could make some photocopies of paper currency to make your money stretch a little farther?

Sorry George........

This response submitted by Dave B. on 4/25/02. ( )

My wife has had a 3 year headache, my Chiwawa fell in love with the neighbors Persian Cat and is expecting Puppins any day now,I heard my daughter refer to the UPS guy as "Daddy", I'm so broke that the Flies all pitched in to get my screens fixed and while running late for work this morning, I tripped over my own shoe,fell DOWN the stairs on my Butt and landed on a 2 lieter bottle of Diet Coke.....and I dont even drink Diet Coke.When the Doc finally removed it, it sounded as if a door had been slamed! Then he asks me if this was going to be Cash or Charge!

So give me a break George.....I'm having a BAD DAY!


This response submitted by Linda C. on 4/25/02. ( )

Dave,Have you been living in my house without me knowing about it? Your day sounds like most of mine LOL.

To Many Cooks Spoil The Broth

This response submitted by Thomas Mathis on 4/25/02. ( )

Thanks for the sarcasim! I legally purchased the foam bodies and therefore I have the right to do with them as I please! Besides, I make modifications to them before I install them therfore they are not the same. I dont know how many ducks you guys do where you are from but the taxidermist I have talked to in Arkansas do over 100 ducks a year. If you add that up for even the cheapest bodies thats over 600 dollars! Furthermore, I enjoy taxidermy a great deal but right now I am also in college and that takes money too. Any way to cut back on money would really help. Thanks to the guy for the bondo tip I will try that.


This response submitted by Dave B. on 4/25/02. ( )

.......this time I'm NOT being sarcastic. But I dont think you're either getting the point or haven't been paying close attention to what has been written in these Forums.YOU CHARE YOUR CUSTOMER FOR THE PRODUCTS USED! If you need to charge an extra $15 to your customer to make up for the cost of the body then you do so. But if you're only charging $75 for a Duck, then I can appreciate your concerns,but would not be sympothetic about it!

Have a great day,

Sure You Can

This response submitted by Old Fart on 4/25/02. ( )

Make a Three piece bondo mould and spend an hour pouring up each $6.00 bird body. Go to work for McDonalds you will make more money especially if you figure benefits.

Hey,thats great

This response submitted by Dave B. on 4/25/02. ( )

Old Fart,thats a great idea. Maybe they can come up with a "New" McDuckets served with Saltine Quackers and a large Coot....I mean Coke!
I'm gonig to call Ronald RIGHT NOW!LOL

Hmmm, Thomas

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 4/25/02. ( )

Ive seen all your new posts in here the last day. I think you know EXACTLT what your asking for, as well as the obvious answer. Hey, either take the good advice youve gotten, or play somewhere else...Buying a form isnt creating one, and copyright infringment is something not taken lightly around here. It ends up costing US HONEST taxidermists the money...


This response submitted by cur on 4/26/02. ( )

What part of "no" don't you understand? Technically, if a form is cast off a bird's body, it is not covered by copyright law, since you can't copyright the shape and form of a bird. Mother nature holds that copyright. The forms offered are not exact replicas of the bird's carcass, they are modified for taxidermy use, making them copyrightable. Buying a copy of a piece of art, or a production design does not give you the right to duplicate it. I don't understand why you would post such an inquiry in the first place. Unlike mammal mannequins, one could copy bird forms for a hundred years and no one would be the wiser for you larceny. Now that you have asked, and been told no, then why not do this:
Hire a lawyer and have him research the pertinent law and review the copyrights of the existing bodies and their patent and file wording. Have the lawyer do a patent search and review all statutes for all the states concerned as well as your own. Let him take his time and run up a very large bill. Divide the bill by the number of bird bodies it would purchase. Here's another thought: Life cast a bird body. Alter it to suit your fancy. Make a mold to produce it and then you can cast all the forms you want. Don't forget each species and the biometrics which govern size ranges within each species. Then, after you have expended the dollars to achieve this......JUST WAIT UNTIL SOME WHINEASS COMES ALONG AND KNOCKS YOUR CRAP OFF! Think of how you would feel.

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