Federal License

Submitted by Pete on 4/25/02. ( )

How long should it take to get a reply on a application for my Federal License?I thought I filled out properly?Thanks,Pete

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This response submitted by Bill K. on 4/25/02. ( Klager@nvc.net )

My first one took about 2 months and then when I needed to get it transferred to another state it took about 3 months. After a quick phone call backed up with an Email (return receipt requested) I got it within a week. You might want to try contacting them.
Hope this helps, Bill

60 Days

This response submitted by Dave on 4/26/02. ( )

It took 60 days for mine to come back. The lady I talked to at the Federal Permit Office said that this is their busy time of year. I would give the Permitting Office in your region a call and check the status. Hope this helps.

95 days

This response submitted by JJ on 4/26/02. ( )

They are not in a hurry!


This response submitted by Pete on 4/26/02. ( )

Thanks,looks like I'll have to call on it.Seems it's taking forever.Pete

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