Submitted by ? on 4/26/02. ( ? )

for those kind of prices you better be good.oh wait are you the
famous Jim Kimball,if you are I might have heard of you.
wazzz-up--Don Dawson
p.s. are you any good haha.

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Hey Stupid.....

This response submitted by Jim Kimball (Crateboy) on 4/27/02. ( )

Yep I can put together one nice crate...... Wink Wink...

Give me a call sometime Don....

I disagree

This response submitted by Dave Toms on 4/27/02. ( )

to tell you the truth I have seen some of Jim's crates, first hand and his work is, to say the least, alittle on the poor side. Sloppy seams, poor stuctural design and his finish work really sucks. He should try some 000 grit sandpaper or stick to something he does better... birds. Jim don't take offense to this but not everyone is able to jump from birds up to building a good crate........... Heck look at Pat, he still hasn't been able to break the grip of taxidermy to move up to crate building after how many years? Cheers

Dave Toms

1 question?

This response submitted by tony on 4/27/02. ( )

What exactly do you mean buy building crates?


This response submitted by Dave Toms on 4/28/02. ( )

it is a JOKE


crates, you should see jim cook.....food

This response submitted by former roommate on 4/28/02. ( )

jim is a great bird taxidermist,cratebuilder, and a hell of a cook....in fact i would say an exeptional cook ,and he can do it on a grill that some miser gave him that explodes each time you light it. f

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