turkey feet

Submitted by Chase on 4/29/02. ( farmercdb@hotmail.com )

I know this question is probaly in the archives but my computer freezes whenever I try it, so I'll ask here and maybe someone can help me out.Ok I shot my first turkey and I have never done a turkey before.Can someone tell me how to preserve the feet.I want to run a wire through the top to the toe and have them stand up.It's just the feet from the knee down.How do I keep them from scriveling up? what do I enject them with?Should I clean the meat out and maro out of the bones? I know nothing about doing this so can someone please give me details on this.Thanks so much.Chase

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Quick fix

This response submitted by Tony Finazzo on 5/1/02. ( finazducks@aol.com )

Don't take anything out of the feet. buy some bird injection fluid or Urethane injectable and position the foot in the final way you want it, and inject. Than paint it, with good paint, a quality airbrush, and lots of reference.

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