ITS ME AGAIN (seminar locations)

Submitted by Thomas Mathis on 4/30/02. ( )

Well here I am once again and I hope I dont stir up as much contraversy as I did in my other post. Im looking for a taxidermy seminar that is close to home(Arkansas)that I can go to and meet some of the people in the taxidermy proffesion. I see the videos in WASCO that are from seminars and would like to witness them first hand. I also would be interested in seeing a local competition. Any info would be appreciated.

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This response submitted by Frank E. Kotula on 4/30/02. ( )

And clikck on your state to see if there's and Association that you can join. If so join them and ask the president for info on who is the best that can teach you.


This response submitted by John yount on 4/30/02. ( jyount@centurytel .net )

there is a seminar in Jonesboro the last of july I believe. Given by the ATA. I will Check the dates for ya tonite have to go to go work now.

Told ya

This response submitted by cur on 4/30/02. ( )

Walk in here erect and honest and you will find the forum contributors some of the finest folks you will ever meet. Thank you for not making any more of the upheaval posts. Thomas, we just LOVE to give away information. Welcome to our club.

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