Severely bent turkey tail feathers

Submitted by Todd T on 5/6/02. ( )

I took in a turkey today that had been severely mistreated. A major fault is the hunter had no idea of proper care for a bird for taxidermy purposes, he just shoved it in the freezer and piled everything else in on top of it. Is there a good way to straighten these feathers?

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hot water

This response submitted by Nancy M. on 5/6/02. ( )

This is really easy to fix. Remove the tail feathers and clean the quills normally like for a bondo tail. Then hold it by the quills and dip the feathers into boiling water. They will straighten out almost immediately. If they are dirty you can wash them before dipping. Sometimes washing is enough to straighten them by itself.
Dry them with low heat and your problem should be solved.

Nancy M.


This response submitted by Kris Dunckel on 5/7/02. ( )

Steaming them also works well. I use a tea pot, boil water and simply wave the feathers in front of the spout where the steam comes out. It will straighen crimped quills, etc.

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