Hen turkey head

Submitted by JC on 5/7/02. ( )

Talking with another taxidermist we came up on the subject of mounting
a hen turkey. What is the best method to preserve to head? Should it be sent out
and freeze dried? Any anwsers are welcome. Thanks

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This response submitted by cur on 5/7/02. ( wildart@prodigy.net )

Same as the tom, with one technical exception. The exception being that in most states, only bearded hen turkeys may be harvested by a hunter. If the bird was taken under that regulation, the moment you sever the head from the skin, you have a legal dilemma. The hen turkey head without the bearded body is illegal to possess. There is no way to associate the severed head from any other hen, bearded or not. Now, I do not know how your fish and game folks are, but without some form of certification, who is to say the head is from the subject bird?

Hen heads may be mounted by skinning and then casting the skull and neck and adding material such as pos-moulage, moulage or clay or other substance under the skin and modling it to the proper contours, injecting more pos-moulage as needed to fill out the head properly.

I would check with the fish and game folks about how to handle this situation.........good luck.

come on men

This response submitted by tenpoint2 on 5/8/02. ( )

beard or no beard jc if it was taken in the fall in my state of ohio its all perfectly legal,,,, a metal band around the leg put on from the check-in station will confirm it. of course a hen without a beard taken in the spring will definately raise a few eyebrows. freeze dried is what i would do,,,,orgo with the artifical.

burden of proof

This response submitted by steve in geneva on 5/8/02. ( )

is not the burden of proof on game & fish to prove the head did not come from the properly tagged body and that it was not legal game as it is in our state's bow season ? (in the unlikely event that you are questioned on it). i know that dna testing can be used to determine the facts, so i recommend knowing the law. i'm just asking. i've never been "audited" by game & fish, so i would really like to know, even though i have nothing to fear because i am a "straight shooter". just ask my wife.

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