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Submitted by Rich on 5/10/02. ( )

Can a person rent mounted wild waterfowl to a lodge or store for advertising purposes, I know it says, can not trade, sell or barter but don't say anything about renting.

Thanks for any info


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Is it worth it?

This response submitted by George on 5/10/02. ( )

Many people blame bad luck on their problems, but often it's more of a case of pushing theirs that caused the malady. I wouldn't want to argue that one in court. If it's going to a lodge, GIVE them the bird and write it off on your taxes as advertising.

That is a simple NO

This response submitted by cur on 5/10/02. ( )

NO. Sell, trade or barter is pretty much all inclusive. what the Feds are trying to tell you is that you cannot profit from migratory fowl, except by legal means such as taxidermy fees. In taxidermy, you do not own the plumage or skin. You provide a service for a legal fee. Renting one for profit is tantamount to sale on terms or barter.

Well, There MIGHT Be A Way.....

This response submitted by Old Fart on 5/17/02. ( )

.....That it can be done, Legally. Before I would do it I would consult with a lawyer and contact the Federal warden for an opinion. I read something on this years ago and I believe that it might apply in this case.

The agreement would have to be a lease, with a finite time period, stating that the ownership of the bird would be yours at end of the lease. The Cost of the lease would be $0, with a service agreement where you would clean and inspect the specimem for necessary repairs on a regular basis for a specified fee.

If you are going to persue this make sure that you so your research first.

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