cleaning turkey feathers

Submitted by david on 5/10/02. ( )

My son recently shot a 12 1/2 bearded turkey, his first. When the bird was shot he fell over into a ditch filled with water. We are wanting to mount the tail feathers. We have used borax to prepare the tail bone but the feathers look horrible. They are stuck together and look oily. They are not fluffy and colorful. My question is; does anyone have any ideas on how we can clean the feathers to fluff them and bring back the luster. Thank you for any ideas. We are very much begginers! David

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wash it.

This response submitted by Grouseman on 5/10/02. ( )

with dawn then blow dry it. A shop vac with a blower, a leaf blower, or if nothing else a hair drier set on low heat all work good. Don't forget to rinse all the soap out of it and reborax before you blow dry.

Wash those feathers!

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Soak those feathers in warn "Dawn" dish water for about 10-15 minutes. Then softly "slosh" then around just a bit. "RINSE CLEAN" and use soft air from a blow dryer. Guaranteed to work.

take it to a taxidermist

This response submitted by Brian P. on 5/11/02. ( )

Take your tail to a taxidermist who is a professional. You will then have a great looking trophy ready to hang on your wall.

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