pheasant chicks

Submitted by fisher on 5/12/02. ( )

I have recently acquired some chicks that did not survive from an owner of a pheasant farm. Do I need any permits for including these in mounts or am I in trouble?

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I think it varies by state

This response submitted by Nancy M. on 5/12/02. ( )

What I would suggest for starters is that you get a receipt from the breeder and a copy of whatever papers are required to purchase pen-raised gamebirds in your state. In WA, gamebirds are supposed to have one claw removed. (I forget which one) You might have something like that to deal with.
Check with your local game dept. There is no set answer for this question.

Nancy M.

just get a tranfer of sale receipt

This response submitted by Brad on 5/13/02. ( )

I raise pheasants, chukars and bobwhites. No need to clip the toe. This is ussually done on migratory birds. I have sold birds in 4 states. All you should need is a transfer of sale receipt from breeder. This would be a state issued paper in triplacate the breeder should have on hand. I would suggest make a copy and keep the copy stapled or taped under the mount at all times. Thanks, Brad

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