feather loss on turkey

Submitted by joe c. on 5/13/02. ( )

I am going to try to mount my first turkey.The problem is there is a patch of feathers missing about 6 inches long and about 2 inches wide right behind the head down along the back of the neck. After carefully fleshing this neck area by hand the back of the neck skin looks a little tore up. Can this area be fixed or hidden? Any advice from you turkey pros would be appreciated. thanks.

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Feather Replacement

This response submitted by Rick Morris on 5/13/02. ( turkeyrost@socket.net )

Feather replacement is very simple, as long as you have an extra skin. For any pose with this kind of damage, simply attatach your head and tuck skin the normal way and let dry in place. When dry cut out the damaged area and on your extra skin cut out the same area prefit and tuck around head as normal, using straight pins stretch it around the neck foam and pin in place, always cut replacement pieces a little longer and trim to fit. As far as hideing this area a strut pose would be best, using a severe strut head laid back a little more than normal.

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Rick Morris

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