Bird Defating Question

Submitted by Dale T. on 5/13/02. ( )

Hello, I am a first time poster on this forum.

I am trying to learn to mount my own ducks and for friends as a hobby. I mounted a Redhead first, and it turned out OK except the featers don't lay down real well. I attempted a gadwall yesterday, and it had a lot of fat, where the Redhead had relatively none. It was impossible, I have read that all of the fat must be removed, but I had the skin so thin you could see through it, and there was still fat on it. I tore about a dozen holes in it that I had to sew up, and there was still fat on the skin when I gave up. I am going to mount it anyway for practice, and we will see if it bleeds through.

I would like to know what you pro's do in a situation like this? I was using a fine brass hand brush, to remove the fat between the quills, and if I get it any thinner, they won't stay put.

Thanks, Dale T.

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cleaning ducks

This response submitted by Lloyd Swanson on 5/13/02. ( )

Use a semi dull knife and make a checkerboard desighn when you clean ducks it will help to loosen fat on duck rub borax in all the time...Lloyd

Time will help

This response submitted by Tony Finazzo on 5/13/02. ( )

I did what you are doing for many years. Than I was introduced to a wire wheel about twenty years ago. If there is any chance you will stay with the trade or (hobby), A wire wheel will become as important as your blade in mounting birds. I know you are struggling and I feel for you. If you cant get a wheel use a combination of things the grid cutting mentioned previous works. Also, a scissors that you can kind of squeeze the fat off the skin instead of cutting it off works also. But please consider the wheel.

Practice, Practice, Practice

This response submitted by Jason on 5/13/02. ( )

I used scissors for my first few birds and it worked fine. As Tony said, if you are going to stay with it buy or build a wire wheel. Just stick with it and keep a lot of thread handy. You will get better with time.



This response submitted by Dale T. on 5/14/02. ( )

I am getting all of the globby fat off, it the stuff down in between the quills. When I scratch it with the wire brush, it breaks the fat up, but it still clings to the quills. I can tell because there is still yellow all in and around the quills.

Can you remove this fat as well with a wheel? Or is it expected that there is some that can't be removed. Maybe it was just this bird. The first one just had a few globs of fat that could be trimmed off with scissors, but there was relatively no fat against the skin between the quills.

wash it

This response submitted by rabbit on 5/15/02. ( )

i soak mine in gasoline and water. then gently wash again in dawn dishwashing liquid. If you have access you can also use industrial strength degreaser. That should help get the access fat out. warning,,, the gas will cause the skin to dry out faster. and do in well ventalaited area away from flame. thanx

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