regulations on birds

Submitted by jen on 5/13/02. ( )

does any one know the web site for the migratory bird act?
i want the list of birds that are ok to have, thanks in advance.

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This response submitted by Lloyd S on 5/13/02. ( )

why don't you run a search on it with the net.In Sask.Canada you can legally mount any time of the year are pidgeons,crows,english sparrow,grackles,blackbirds,magpies & I think that is about it..Lloyd


This response submitted by Bill on 5/13/02. ( )
copy and paste the link above into your browser. The guys at taxidermyreference has done a great job linking all these sites together.Keep looking, and you can find what you want.


This response submitted by jen on 5/14/02. ( )

i have that site marked, havent been there for some time, but the pages i was looking for where unavalible lol , figures.
oh well will try again some other time to find them.

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