Display Turkey Beards

Submitted by Travis on 5/13/02. ( tcb0a6@mizzou.edu )

I am looking for ideas to display turkey beards. My father just killed a turkey with 3 beards and I would like to see if anyone has ideas out there besides you standard tail and beard mounting board. I would also be interested in ideas if one was going to display multiple beards from several years of hunting. Email or reply with suggestion. Thanks!

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Turkey Board

This response submitted by Rich on 5/13/02. ( )

Check out Graphic-concepts.com for you multi- beard display board. They sale one that will hold up to five beards. This might be something you may be interested in for your display of several seasons.

Go to va.turkey.com and leave May Tom a request. The best

This response submitted by Coach on 5/14/02. ( )

I really don't want to post his email for the world. But PLease go to the va.turkey.com and enter the forum area and leave MAYTOM a note. His are the best I have seen. He lives in New York and a great fella.

He has several models to choose from and they are really great. One is in the outline of a turkey flying and several of the more traditional kind.


an alternative

This response submitted by Dan on 5/14/02. ( )

Since you say you don't want the standard tail and beard boards, Van Dykes sells a Lifelike Turkey fan kit or Turkey tail mounting kit. This kit comes ready to hang on the wall with a painted foam breast and painted artificial head. All you have to do is attach the beards and tail fan and your set. You have a nice turkey breast mount with your tail and beards. Just an alternative that is unique.

Where is va.turkey.com

This response submitted by Travis on 5/14/02. ( )

I can't seem to get hte va.turkey.com address to take me anywhere. I am interested in checking this stuff out. Can you help me with a different address. Thanks!

Sorry BAd Address, but I see you found it

This response submitted by Coach on 5/15/02. ( )

I am sorry. Its those Dang (.)s . www.vaturkey.com

Sorry for the confusion.


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